Past Life Regression is a subject that has fascinated me from the time I first became familiar with it.

I was born in Australia and spent my years growing up in the country town of Bathurst in NSW and then my teenage years in the desert city of Broken Hill. From a young age, I was very interested in religion, and although I was brought up as a church of England Christian, I could never quite feel at ease with that as my faith.

Then, when I was 18, having moved to Sydney, I was listening to the radio one Sunday night when I heard a broadcast by the Theosophical Society. For the first time, I heard comprehensive accounts about the concepts of reincarnation, karma and the evolution of the soul, and at once this felt like ‘coming home’ and was the beginning of a life-long dedication to this subject.

From my teenage years, I was interested in alternative views of society, and as I moved into my 20s, I learnt meditation, started exploring self-development workshops and became fascinated by the New Age Spiritual community in Scotland called the Findhorn Foundation. In the north of NSW, there was an offshoot community connected to Findhorn, called ‘Homeland’ and I became inspired by the ideals of people living from their hearts, attuning to the ‘God’ within and building a world where this would be the norm. When I was 24, I left Australia to stay at Findhorn. I then travelled through Europe, but eventually returned to Findhorn to live at NewBold House. Here I learnt to lead personal development workshops and my interest in the mind and our souls increased.

From my wish to go deeper into this, I trained in Hypnotherapy to learn past life regression and in 1988, I became a qualified Hypnotherapist. Having left NewBold House, I then set out to earn my living as a self-employed therapist, leading workshops and conducting individual therapy sessions with people. In the 1990s I trained with Dr Roger Woolger for 3 years, and became inspired by his teachings on Past Life Therapy. I also formed a healing group with Marjorie Wilson and learnt about Spiritual Channelling and Healing.

From there, I wrote books, and until now, have had 8 of my books published. In recent times, I have studied the works of Dr Michael Newton and completed my training with the Newton Institute to become a qualified Life Between Lives Therapist. Now I spend my time between the UK and Australia, travelling with my work, and spending time with my loved ones and family.

Paul’s work bases: Within the UK, Paul has established bases for his work, in Glasgow in Scotland, Lancaster and London. Paul lives in Glasgow, and he also visits Edinburgh and other localities within Scotland to participate in Mind Body Spirit festivals, give talks and to visit individual clients. Paul visits Lancaster on a semi-regular basis, and consultations for individual sessions here can be made by arrangement. Every couple of months or so, he comes to London for a few days to facilitate intensive individual sessions of therapy with clients. He works from Northolt and does some home visits. These session days are always well attended, and if interested, you are welcome to join his mailing list for this.

In Australia, Paul participates in Mind Body Spirit festivals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, and also the Health Harmony and Soul Expo in Canberra. Paul is establishing venues within all these localities from where he can meet clients for individual sessions. His most established base in Australia is in Sydney, where a number of Paul’s family members also live. Here he works from the Chi Remedial Therapies Clinic in Neutral Bay, but he can also see people in Guildford West.

Paul is also open to spread his work to other locations and countries when opportunities arise.

Paul’s qualifications: Paul has been practicing past life regression professionally for over 30 years. He is a qualified hypnotherapist and a member of the UKGHE. He completed a 3-year practitioner course in Past Life Therapy with Dr Roger Woolger. Also, he is a Healer member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. In addition, he is a registered practitioner of Life Between Lives Therapy, with the Newton Institute. Paul is comprehensively insured for all the work that he does, with international insurance.

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