A Seeker’s Guide to Past Lives

Published by
Capall Bann Publishing

The main impulse that has driven Paul to write this book is the desire to make past life regression more accessible to those that are interested in it. Here he shares openly the many aspects of what may be involved for those who want to explore inner experiences through regression.

Past life regression can be hard work, challenging and potentially life changing. But, in an age when people want to improve themselves, achieve their capabilities and liberate themselves from inner fears and barriers, past life therapy is an ideal process to enable people to do that.

It is Paul’s belief that there are boundless possibilities for personal healing and inner spiritual growth that can be achieved through this medium. This book represents signposts and foundations to help those who want to learn more about this subject.

In addition to his own thoughts, Paul shares the experiences that some of his clients have had when undergoing past life regression. The people concerned were invited to write a little about their background beliefs and how they felt about actually engaging in a past life regression session beforehand. They were then asked to give expression to their experience of regression, and the outcome of how it impacted upon their lives afterwards – real case studies with real people, results and feelings.