Earth Warrior

Earth Warrior

‘Earth Warrior’, was published, by Animal Dreaming in Australia 2018. It can be purchased through me, in Australia and the UK, and also from Animal Dreaming, and various outlets. It is available on Amazon internationally, both as a Kindle copy and as a paperback book. For a Kindle Copy, look up Amazon Kindle Store, type in ‘Earth Warrior’, and it should be there.


Humanity faces a crisis on Earth about what we want as our future
on the planet and how we can get there. There is the possibility
that through human greed, aggression and inertia, we may destroy
or severely damage our world. If we are to preserve our world with
all its beauty and wonder – how can we do that?
In this story, a working group of souls train in the Spirit world to
incarnate on Earth and attempt to make a difference. As the group
embark on their journey, many questions are raised about our
values: how we treat each other, the kingdoms of nature, and the
Earth itself, and what we could do differently?
As the group face their challenges as ‘Earth Warriors’ and
passionately apply themselves as well as they can, it becomes clear
that for transformation to occur on Earth, it will not be through the
efforts of a small number, but only with large scale collective intent.
The mission of the group is to help humanity to discover its
Spiritual heart, and for people to continue to live by that.


I have just finished reading ‘Earth Warrior’. Fascinating work – I loved it! I’ve read lots of books but constantly searching for one that gives a bigger picture but not found it until i read Earth Warrior and now so much has clicked into place! I especially loved the section on the galaxies, planets and galactic dome. Also although I’ve always loved animals and nature your book helps me to have a bigger respect for all and how everything is connected. I’m very thankful to have read it. – HE (England)

My 95 year old step mother, Shirley, is a beautiful lady in every respect and has been my “mother” for over 30 years, following the death of my birth mother, and has shown me and my family as much love as any mother could.
However, following a fall last year, her health had declined, and several weeks ago, not long after entering a nursing home she fell again and broke her hip. Although the operation to repair her hip was successful, her health has continued to deteriorate. We visited her two weeks ago and were able to have a quiet conversation, even though she was clearly unwell.
My wife and I visited her again yesterday. It was sad to see the change, in such a short time. She was barely able to move, unable to talk, and recognition of our presence barely perceptible except through a change in her breathing, and brief eye contact. I have had little exposure to the dead and those near death. My first experience was barely 12 months ago, when I saw my own son cold and dead in a morgue. To see my step mother lying there with barely a flicker of life in her eye, was most distressing. But in brief but intense eye contact, along with her deep breath I felt a loving connection.  Incredibly, I found comfort from having just read the remarkable prologue in ‘Earth Warrior’. The wondrous description of Paul’s character in ‘Earth Warrior’, lying in hospital and sensing family and friends expressing their love as he moved closer to the spirit world , was in my mind. I felt that loving connection with Shirley, and I felt comforted that she was about to begin a new, more wondrous journey into the spirit world, a world where she would continue to share love and counsel as she had done in my life, and where, in the future , when it was my time, I would meet her again. Having now read a good slice of ‘Earth Warrior’ gave me an insight to feel love, wonder and even joy at this otherwise sad time. – AT (Adelaide, Australia)

I’ve just finished Earth Warrior, I truly think it is a master piece. Apart from the extremely important messages for humanity, it absolutely a wonderful story of friendship, kinship and love. Paul (author) sends the message out about spirit earth and working together with the collective consciousness throughout the book, I really do think it has the potential to stir a lot of souls that are ready to wake up and find an alternative way of living. The message is conveyed in a beautiful story, that engages the reader, and makes you want to keep reading. It is cleverly written with twists of the plot, which keeps the story exciting and engaging. My favourite part was Part 3, with the idea that there are people from other planets. I truly believe planet Earth is not the only planet with sentient beings! I love the way this is incorporated into the story… for thought. I especially loved the experiment story, even though it was worse-case scenario in terms of survival of the planet, I think the counter-strategies, of continuing to send healing and love as protection is such a wonderful message, and I think it is a feasible counter-strategy for the way we could live our lives now.I feel sure this book will be very important for the developing consciousness of humanity.  – GE (England)

Earth Warrior by Paul Williamson is one of those books that awakens the soul and is extremely thought provoking. The book can be dark at times as what we are doing to our planet is brought into sharp focus and we are made aware of how important each person’s actions are in changing the planet for the better. We are also shown a stark visualisation of the desolation and loneliness that may occur if we are slow to act. Each one of us has the ability to transform our planet and ultimately this book is one of hope. We visit the Earth and Galactic Domes and experience the spiritual interconnectedness and loving support we have to help transform our beautiful earth into the vibrant being that it is meant to be. This book is easy to read and hard to put down. At the end you will have a greater appreciation for the planet we live in and will hopefully reevaluate your role and responsibility in looking after the living being we call Earth. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to be a positive creative force for good and this book ignites in all who read it the drive to bring this to fruition. – RA (Scotland)

Paul Williamson is a brilliant writer, and is gifted with spiritual knowledge. Through his story ‘Earth Warrior’ he raises the concerns he has for Life on Earth as we know it. In my opinion this is a book that people need to read. It is not an easy book to read(although I found it difficult to put down,) because it is confronting in parts and dark…But given with what is happening on our Planet, and with our world in present times, it’s message can not be ignored. However… I also found ‘Earth Warrior’ to be a story of hope. It tells of divine intervention, through the power of ‘love’ and ‘connection’…and of what can be achieved, if we work together for the common good. Paul Williamson’s writing is very descriptive and insightful. He really takes one into each step of the journey between the Physical and Spiritual Worlds…and then brings these realms together as one… – JS (Tasmania)