Review for Ilsa – from Barbara in Brisbane – March 2016

I just finished reading your book iLsa, I would like to thank you firstly for giving me this book, I feel like it was a gift from the universe, it was something I really had to read especially at this time in my life. The story of iLsa and the Celtic community that lived by the values and beliefs of the order of the wise has really inspired me. A part of me deep down in my heart always knew that societies and communities like this existed. That we all did once live in harmony and we were sustainable in the way that we lived and our lives reflected our respect for all kingdoms of life here on earth.

We have not always been in such disharmony and so disconnected from the influence and love of spirit as we are today, and reading your book has really confirmed this for me, and has given me hope. I can now see more clearly how it is possible to live in peace and harmony and that it is possible to deal with threats from invading forces in a peaceful and loving way that creates a good outcome for all involved. We all had so much respect for life on earth and even for our enemies and those who wished to hurt us. Sometimes I get angry when I look and see how the world has become, and a part of me wants to fight and blame the world and everyone around me, even myself, because I allow myself to hold onto feelings of hate, anger and frustration towards the system that the majority of us currently live by and work so hard to support.

But this book had made me rethink all my anger and frustration and has encouraged me to remember and not forget where I come from and who I truly am at the core of my existence. The universe has told me and others have confirmed to me that we all come from a place of pure infinite love and as an expression of that love I wish to express and reflet that in the life I live today with everything I do, just like the people and communities in your book once did. I now feel even stronger that it is part of my purpose to communicate this love in its many forms, and the many worlds that exist within us beyond this earthy realm. I think it is important for us to know how we once lived in more peaceful and harmonious times, because the earth spirit, the trees, the animals and all the amazing things spoken about in your book as well as the knowledge of life that these people left behind is still here.

I feel it is waiting to be reignited in the consciousness of each and every one of us, so we can begin a revolution and make decisions from our hearts and with the support of spirit to turn around this system which thrives on fear, disconnection and all lower states of emotion and being. It is an amazing time and I have faith that earth will become what is once was a place of love, peace harmony and expanded awareness. Thank you again for giving me a copy of your book, since the past life regression I have really been making plans and I feel more drawn and able to approach what I need to do here.

A part of me is still scared but the thought of iLsa and her spirit as well as the others from the community gives me a sense of comfort and support. I believe that what they achieved as a community back then can be achieved now in a different way but that still emanates the same love and respect for all life on earth. I see changes being made and people like you doing your work to spread the message and encourage the changes and growth that needs to happen within our society today. It is people like you and their information that has inspired me and allowed me to take back my power as a strong, supported and loving being on many levels. Sometimes I can think I am useless and feel purposeless but its stories like these that make me remember that that is not the case at all. Thank you for your work and sharing the special and unique parts of yourself without hesitation to the world and helping others with respect to the spiritual, sacred and infinite parts of our being. I hope to do the same and I hope for my art in all its forms to be a reminder to others of who we truly are and where we truly come from.

Thank you again Paul I am now giving the book to my sister to read and I know she too will feel immense gratitude and connection to your story.