The Division

Here is a description of Paul’s Forthcoming book, ‘The Division’ – The Split in Humanity, due to be published September 2020.

Our world is in peril. There are two main streams of human consciousness on Earth. One stream deeply cares and acknowledges the sacredness of all life. The other stream does not. Loving Spiritual forces want humanity to evolve towards peaceful co-operation. Many people though, are opposed to that. In this thrilling story, the division of consciousness in Humanity is impacting severely upon the future of the Earth. A critical impasse is approaching and so much is at stake. Choices need to be made, and Humanity could face a split that is irreconcilable. So much could be lost. As the intensity of this story undulates between hope and despair, themes that emerge resonate closely with the dilemmas that confront us in our world today. ‘The Division’ is a sequel to ‘Earth Warrior’, but it stands alone as a powerful and provocative work. Paul Williamson has created a compelling book that will urge you to think deeply about how we are living on this Earth, and what future that is creating.