Paul Williamson and Dee Gutierrez – 2024 UK Tour
Paul Williamson and Dee Gutierrez are travelling to the UK for a working trip from March 12 till April 16. During this time, they will be offering workshops, Paul will be facilitating sessions of Past Life Regression, Inner Child Therapy and Life Between Lives session, while Dee will be giving readings of Evolutionary Astrology.
Here is a list of the dates and locations of where they will be and briefly, what they will be doing. If you would like more information, to join a workshop, have a session or reading, please message me.
March 18 – March 22, Individual sessions and Readings in South Ruislip and Islington in London
Saturday March 23 – full day workshop, 10am – 5pm – ‘Pathways to our Soul’ at the Rainbow Room, at Halton Mill near Lancaster
Sunday March 24 – full day workshop, 10am – 5pm – ‘Pathways to our Soul’ in Carlisle
Monday March 25 – individual sessions and readings in Carlisle
Wednesday March 27 – individual sessions and readings in Preston
March 30/31 – Psychic Fayre at Kilmarnock in Scotland. Paul and Dee will be exhibiting and offering talks.
April 1 – 3 Individual Sessions and Readings in Glasgow (plus March 29)
April 4 – Individual sessions and readings in Edinburgh/Fife
April 5-8 – Workshops, sessions, readings and channelling at Morag’s house, North Aberdeenshire, Scotland
April 12 Presentation Evening. Then April 13 – two workshops – ‘Pathways to our Soul’ (Paul), and ‘The Moon and Self-Care’ (Dee). Torbay in Devon

April 14 – Individual sessions and Readings plus evening ‘Healing and Channelling’. Torbay in Devon. For bookings for the workshops and presentations in Torquay,  please contact

Here is a description of the workshop, ‘Pathways to our Soul’ Paul and Dee will be leading throughout their UK Tour.

Pathways to Our Soul One Day Workshop

When we choose to live a life dedicated to personal growth, and being true to our Spiritual path, we strive to live our lives as well as we can. During this process, our higher consciousness may cast light upon layers within us that hold pain and difficulty.  

There may be parts of us that feel fractured or broken, immersed in fear or hurt, struggling with shame or guilt. It may feel easier for us to hide our darkness than to expose this and to be vulnerable. 

In this workshop, we want to create a safe space together, for support and healing. Our aim will be to go deep inside us to the source of what needs healing. We will focus our awareness upon what most needs our inner attention. Then we can allow expression of what has been unsaid, give love to that which has felt most alone, and release that which no longer serves any positive purpose for you. 

Our soul is our essence. That essence is comprised of love. That is who we really are. All the other stuff can be sorted out, because it is not our true self. We need to live according to who we really are, as much as we can. 

In this workshop, we will be engaging with meditation, journaling and drawing, somatic and representational processes, trauma release, and gentle spiritual rituals. 

The workshop will have a maximum of 12 participants. It would be helpful if participants can provide a few paragraphs of introduction where you can outline what you are seeking from the workshop. 

 Paul Williamson has been practising professionally as a Past Life Therapist and Inner Child healer for 36 years. He is trained in somatic healing and trauma release through the work of Dr Roger Woolger. Now, Paul lives in Australia, and he works internationally. He is author of 12 published books. 

Dee Gutierrez is an Evolutionary Astrologer and Spiritual Channel. She and Paul are partners. Dee has undergone many very deep processes to heal her own wounds from within, and because she has done this, she can be of great support. 

Paul and Dee welcome this opportunity to work with you   


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