As human beings, we naturally question, and we have some awareness about ourselves, and a curiosity to learn more. There are mysteries about our origins and about what happens to us when we die, and the purpose of our lives on Earth. Our religions have attempted to find explanations and pathways to give meaning and encourage our faith in loving forces that could protect us and guide us. The ancient Greeks used to claim that the purpose of life was for us to ‘Know Thyself’.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy involves processes where we can explore inner levels of our consciousness. From my experience of working with thousands of people, memories of other lifetimes do exist in our consciousness, whatever our beliefs. Each person has their own unique inner map of what memories and experiences do exist within us. Some people have only a small number of lives in their memories, while others may have hundreds or more. There are those that even have memories of other worlds besides Earth. And some souls are visiting Earth in physical bodies for the first time.

When people allow memories of their past lives to reveal themselves, you can also experience the end of that life, where your physical body dies and you can experience leaving that body. What people experience universally, is that from that body, you rise upwards to the beautiful loving light that feels like our home. This corresponds very well with what people describe when they go through near death experiences. This may well give us some hope and faith of what will happen when we die and leave our bodies from our present life.

People also can recall lifetimes where they feel that someone they know now was present in that life. It is possible for the other person to regress to that experience where they have been identified, and the details will match up. So the experiences of what is inside us with our past lives, is not just an individual experience that we are creating on our own, but a collective experience. This gives power to the notion that we are all inwardly connected.

Past Life Regression and Spiritual Hypnotherapy in general is a deliberate process to enable you to explore inwardly what memories and experiences exist deep inside you. It involves a process of relaxation, where your mind and body can let go, and you can open yourself to the more revelatory aspect of your mind and consciousness to express itself. For those doing this for the first time, it is a pleasant process and very comfortable. The best way of approaching it is to encourage it and to allow it to work. You will remain conscious and participate in the process. In my role as a therapist I will facilitate and guide you to go deeper and to ‘ground’ the impressions that come forward for you.

The work that I do may focus upon memories from your present life with the aim of bringing love and healing to parts of our Self that have been wounded. This is called ‘Inner Child Therapy’. Otherwise, the focus may be upon exploring memories from one or more of your past lives, and what you can learn from this that may give you insight into your life today. This is called ‘Past Life Regression’. For those ready to go deeper, it is also possible to explore who you are as a soul, and to journey into the Spiritual world that we feel is a true home. This work is called ‘Life Between Lives Therapy’.

Once we start discovering the secrets of our inner self we are from exploring inwardly, in all likelihood, we will feel the inclination to go further, and learn more. When we can embrace realities that exist within us, this helps us to feel more complete and stronger. We can find greater meaning in our lives and the experiences we go through in our everyday lives.

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