New Book

Recently, I have signed a contract to publish my new book, ‘Ilsa – Ancient Celtic Leader’ with Balboa Press. I am hopeful that it will be well received. Ilsa is the name of a Celtic woman living in Ancient pre-Roman Britain. The book is essentially the story of her life and passing into Spirit, and is based upon a series of past life regression experiences I had many years ago. It focuses upon the interweaving soul journeys of the various characters, with the challenges and dramas they all face. The setting of the story is in a society where there is a vibrant openness to Spiritual values and respect for the Earth Spirit. It is a simpler world than the one we live in today, but in a land where there is both passion and purpose.

I feel that it is a book that may be of interest to people who are studying the journey we undergo as souls, and I trust that it is relevant to the dilemmas we confront in searching for meaning in our existence today.

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