Inner Child Therapy

The memories of all that we have ever experienced is retained within us. This includes events from our childhood, and the consciousness of our child self is still alive within us.

However, our child self may have been through experiences of being wounded, suffering, fear, pain, and many varied situations that were too much to cope with at the time. Although we may feel that these experiences are of no consequence now, they may still be affecting us in ways that we do not fully realize. By bringing our adult self to link with our child self with love, these wounds can be healed, and many separations between different aspects of our inner self can be bridged.

This can help us to feel in more harmony with our self, so we express ourselves more authentically and without inner conflict.The qualities of our child self include innocence, curiosity, openness, adventurousness, dependency, determination, play, trust and wonder. For us to be happy, we will want to feel that we can express all those qualities in our everyday life.

Here you will be dealing with familiar memories from your present life, but bringing forward unwanted energies and feelings that may be held deep in your subconscious mind, to help you clear and release them. As a child, some situations my feel too much for us, so the best way we feel we can deal with those is to bury them or to pretend that they are not there. We can also form unrealistic beliefs to help us to cope, and these later, when we are older, may no longer serve us, but can still operate from a deeper layer of our consciousness.

As we connect with your child self, he or she may have thoughts to say, or feelings to express, things that were not expressed at the time, and can now safely come into the open. Your adult self can help the child self, and can bring love to the child self. Your child needs to realise that he or she is with you now, and not in that situation any more. Beliefs that were formed then may need to be challenged and reformed to be more constructive – usually this can be done through showing the falseness of the child’s reality and helping him or her to learn a better perspective. It is delicate work, but the greatest healer is love, and it is all about bringing love into those places within us that most need love, and love of our Self.

1 to 3 hours