Life Between Lives Therapy

The essence of who we are – our soul – has its home in the Spiritual world, a place of love and light. With this profound therapy, based on the work of Michael Newton, we can explore inwardly to connect with our soul, learn about our purpose, our soul family, our soul history, our Spiritual guide, and many fascinating details about who we truly are.

It is a conscious process, but one that taps into areas very deep inside us. As such, it is important that prior to doing this therapy, you have already done some past life work, so that your ability to open up to your inner worlds is established, and so you know that you can do that. I can say, from personal experience, that when we engage in a session of Life Between Lives therapy, this can bring deep peace and feelings of well-being, that are long lasting and enriching.

Following on from such a session, we will be more connected to our soul, and coming from that place in terms of decisions we make and how we approach your life, so we feel clearer and less compromised in our actions.

After some preliminary preparations, your LBL session will begin with a long induction to help you to relax deeply, so both your mind and your body can be receptive and your Spiritual consciousness can awaken. You will go on an inner journey backwards through your childhood to experiences when you were in your womb, and then further into your most immediate past life. After exploring some details of that lifetime, you will come to the transition when your body dies and you leave that body and begin your journey into the Spirit world. Here you may meet your Spiritual Guides and inner teachers, your Soul group, and wise ones who can assess with you your progress as a soul and how you are developing. You can experience your place in the Spiritual world, and learn from the Spiritual library about your history as a soul, and places and lives where you have been.

Then you can also approach the realm of preparation where you made plans for your present life and learn about your purpose for being here now. The whole process is conscious for you, and after the initial induction I will be talking with you and you with me, in dialogue, as I guide you through it. I will take detailed notes of the session, which you can keep, but it is also recommended that you bring recording equipment to record it. Afterwards, it can take a while to digest the session, and typically will feel like you have had a long refreshing rest.

4 hours