Past Life Regression

It can be quite a strange and unusual experience at first to access the memories of one of our past lives. It will feel like it is ‘us’, but we will be recalling experiences from a different time, when we had a different body and very often, a different personality from who we are today.

And yet, very often, what comes forward will have resonance with who we are today, and we can learn from these experiences and appreciate that they are essential components of who we are as a soul. Each life is like a foundation of who we are today, and learning about these memories through direct experience will help us to feel more complete. We may discover that the souls of people we know today are present in our past lives, and that patterns of living that we adopted then are still functioning in our lives today.

Exploring this can help us to appreciate what is truly important in our lives today, and what is not. This can give us understanding of who we are as a soul and give us strength to know that the life we have now is not the be all and end all of our existence.

At the outset, you can choose if there is a specific issue that you want to explore with the past life, or if you want to leave it open. The regression session begins with a gentle induction where you are encouraged to relax. Soon you will go through the transition into the past life where we can engage in dialogue. The first step is for you to orientate and focus on a moment in this past life, so you can become aware of basic details like the setting where you are, your clothes, your sex, what you are doing, your home etc. As you ground yourself more and more with this, you will be able to channel the thoughts, feelings sensations and memories of the person you were then in that past life. At first, you may not be sure if you are imagining it or if it is real, but the more you go into it, the more you will become involved in it.

We will proceed step by step for you to experience various details of that lifetime and then go through major events that are most important in your formation over that experience. So you can move through time to different stages of that life, right through to the end of that life, where your body dies and your soul goes on its journey home to the Spirit world. Here you can experience putting that lifetime behind you, reviewing and absorbing the experience and sensing how that lifetime links with the life you are living now. There can be many lessons and understandings that are reached.

Sometimes people are concerned about the possible content in the past life, but this is a process of trust, and you need to realise that whatever is there is from your past and will only manifest for you now as an experience for you to learn from and to release. Moving into the Spirit world at the end of the life is a place of peace and healing, and this works very well as a point of completion in the process.

Paul will take detailed notes during the session, which you can take with you when it is finished, and you are encouraged to make your own notes afterwards to help you integrate it.

1 to 3 hours