Shared Past Lives

Sometimes when people access the memories of past lives, they can sense souls featuring in those lives, as being the same souls as in people that they know today. This can suggest the reality that we are not individually creating our past lives in regression, but that these memories are part of a collective consciousness. What can be very interesting is when people can mutually access these connections in a way that confirms the perception of the other(s). Below is a true account from work I did with a group in Edinburgh recently. I put this on my Facebook and thought that it would be suitable also for this blog.

A short time ago, I was working with a group of 5 people in Edinburgh. They were a strong and united group that practised healing and medium ship together each week, and they sensed they they had known each other before. I did some regression with them and they discovered a life from very ancient times, where, as different personalities, they were all there and doing Spiritual work then too. Each of them could access the memory of the person they were then, and all the details matched up. It was very moving for them all to feel this inner coincidence of memory, and the experience brought them closer as a result!

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