The past life regression I had last year at the Bangalow Spirit Festival, was one of the most moving experiences I have had. And thank you so much, Paul, for showing me the answer of how and where to move forward. I’m now training to be a Naturopath, and starting to live a life more in tune to my path, and much happier because of it. Thank you.

DaveBangalow, Australia

I have found my sessions with Paul have opened me up to my ultimate soul truth. This, I have always known has lived within and just needed the extra extra help to bring it to my conscious awareness. I feel I have gained a sense of confidence, I never thought I would feel in my life, to believe in myself and express who I truly am. I have found my purpose and sense of peace within myself for the first time in my life. Paul’s sessions work with such compassion and integrity. His sessions offer a life changing experience that one can never forget.

ElizabethSydney (June 2015)

I just wanted to share that I had read both the Journey of Souls and Destiny of Soul books a few years ago. Before meeting you, I purposely avoided browsing through any material that may influence my sessions with you. I spoke to my friend briefly today and I did mention that you asked about the colors of the energy and just out of curiosity I have looked it up. I am so taken back about the colors I mentioned Yellow for Teacher and my guide was green with blue. You asked what he did in his life on earth and I said a healer. This now affirms that I was ‘home’ and my guide is real, so real. You are absolutely amazing Paul. I’m so pleased I went with my instinct to have my LBL session with you.


I came to the Past life mini-workshop you led recently in Sydney. I purchased your ‘Ilsa’ book on the evening and would like to share how I enjoyed it.

I have to tell you I absolutely loved it!!! ‘Ilsa’ very much resonated with me and has assisted me to be more conscious of my environment and all I do, think, feel and all the
consequences associated. Even though this is how i predominantly live my life, your beautiful recollection of ‘Ilsa’ has greatly confirmed and, as I mentioned, assisted me more than I thought possible. Thank you for flowing onto my path and your book. I love Divine Timing!!

Feedback from reader of 'Ilsa - Ancient Celtic Leader'DianaSydney

I was scared to be regressed in case intense emotions overwhelmed me or some traumatic life came up but Paul’s approach was so gentle and supportive I just felt so bright and alive after it. It gave me such a unique perspective on my current life and connected me to my soul with a depth I’ve never known. Now I feel better equipped to deal with stress as the broader context I’ve experienced has embedded peace and clarity within me. Enriching and rewarding, a must-do for those interested in spiritual and/or personal growth.

Rebeccasouth NSW

The past life regression I had with Paul Williamson was amazing. It took me to a whole new place ~ very calming and powerful.

KiaraGold Coast, Queensland

I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive about being hypnotised. And then going into a past life of mine. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
It was really a very pleasant experience. Even though I’ve heard of people being witches and burnt at the stake.
Paul took me back to a time where carriages were drawn by horses, I was standing to the entrance of a street, the ground felt smooth yet solid stone. The buildings either side of me had reddish brick stone with big oval windows. As I walked I felt proud of who I was a respected part of the society I belonged to.
Upon arriving home, it a huge building that had been handed down from generation to generation, or so it felt in my mind.
Nothing was ever suggested to me by Paul, he always asked me what I saw or felt, even though I sometimes hesitated to answer as I looked around at my surroundings.
Also, Paul takes you through your death in that life, so you feel what it is like to leave your body and pass into the spirit world, where you meet up with your loved ones who have passed before you. see spirit guides and maybe even something a bit more.
I would recommend Paul Williamson to take you through to a past life regression, and to have the experience of your lifetime. I didn’t regret it. hope you don’t too. Once again, thank you Paul – a true gentleman with a kind soul and wonderful energy

DavidJohnstone, near Glasgow, Scotland

Thank you Paul. The session has been on my mind often. I was surprised by my own reaction. In the past I think I would have felt disappointed because it wasn’t full of action and obvious insight. However, I have felt moved by the impact a simple and gentle lifetime has had on me. I’ve always felt that I had this big purpose to share with the entire world and felt sorry for those who live a seemingly boring and uneventful life. Little did I know that their life may have been of service too, and what an amazing difference they truly made. Thank you for making this possible.


Thank you Paul for working with me, and I am sorry you had to see me balling my eyes out. I was dehydrated after. Thank you for an amazing experience!


Paul is a gifted and compassionate past life/life between lives practitioner. The sessions I had were invaluable to understanding aspects of my current life, and making peace with the past on many levels. It is truly heart-centred work.


I have had two past life therapy sessions with Paul the second being a Life’s Between lives session. This gave me great insight into my true self & true path & was an amazingly enlightening experience. Paul masters the art of being professional & gentle in his manner and is very passionate about helping people through his therapies. This was a life changing experience for me and I send Paul warm wishes on his journey helping others find their true Self.

LucyPenrith, England

It’s such a relief knowing I’m not an old soul and I can feel free to play! In the LBL session Paul gave to me, my two guides assured me that this is my first life time on Earth and I can just relax and enjoy playing, and they will always be around! I’m also over the moon when knowing my husband is my soul mate(I always knew, but it’s SO nice to see how our souls discussed with each other and made the plan when we were in ‘heaven’)!
Paul has been assisting my journey of spiritual growth since 2011. I’ve had every type of therapy he offers. Through the years I’ve conquered the fear of death, released a lot of emotional blockages from my childhood, connected with my two spiritual guides, learned how to channel them whenever I need guidance, and got to know a lot of aspects about my soul(fun seeking and likes to play all the time!). It has been a super magical journey.
I’m currently enjoying writing my book and generally having a lot of fun in my daily life. Thank you SO much Paul!

Yue WuBishopbriggs, Scotland

Thank you so much for these amazing experiences with my past life therapy and LBL session. I read Dr Newtons’s book a few years ago and found it so fascinating. I decided it was time for me to do an LBL session. I did a lot of research to find the right therapist for me and read what an excellent therapist you are, and the reviews weren’t wrong. I was feeling nervous before each session but you put me at ease straight away. I was having tummy trouble on the day of the second session and you kindly offered to give me a healing which I am very grateful for. I feel that you are made for this kind of work, you made me feel so relaxed and were  never worried about time or the amount of questions I asked. If anyone asked me about having these therapies I would say go for it, it’s not scary and it will open your eyes up to a whole different world. I am now looking at life in a more understanding and brighter way, and it helped me to understand why things are the way they are. Thanks again.

ElaineGlasgow, Scotland

I cannot thank you enough for the phenomenal experience you provided with my Past Life Regression session. I was extremely nervous as I had no idea what was about to happen, being my first time, but you soon put me at ease and I felt very comfortable during and after the experience.

Words could not explain the process and what is achieved during a session, you are nothing short of amazing. Thank you for your guidance in uncovering a past life and helping me understand how it is affecting this current life, and answering so many unanswered questions for me. I still remember every single detail of my session and what was revealed. Now to work on letting things go and continuing on my path to healing!

I am really looking forward to you coming back to Brisbane and spending more time with you to uncover more! thanks so much Paul 🙂


Paul led me through amazing past- and between-life sessions, the results of which I still refer to for guidance in my current life. His gentle patience eased me through my doubts and stubborn, questioning thoughts to reveal the rich (and occasionally surprising) tapestry of my world in spirit. I can’t thank him enough for the incredible experience.


Dear Paul. Thank you for the wonderful healing work that you do. I feel extremely fortunate to have had a Past Life regression session with you at the Gold Coast Convention Centre at the beginning of Feb 2014. Since then I have felt empowered to change myself through increased awareness as well as change my life situation by moving out of a toxic relationship permanently after trying unsuccessfully, to do this several times before.
I know I am continuing to heal and change as a result of the insight gleaned through my PLR experience. I still find it fascinating how you could hold a space with such a strong sense of safety, trust and respect while sitting in such a public arena. Thank you again. May you continue to be infused with Divine Love.

DorothyGold Coast

My experience with Paul and his past life sessions has been unforgettable.

Words will never truly paint a complete picture. I have learnt so much about myself and received a lot of closure surrounding various issues and situations in my life.

His sessions have opened my eyes and given me a sense of wholeness and acceptance in both myself and this life and for that I will be forever thankful to Paul.


Paul’s gentle guidance gave me courage. For me, his Hypnotherapy is a door opener to new unexplored frontiers, really opening the way to delve deep into a vast, intriguing inner world.

After a couple of quick sessions in the worst possible environment for me (a noisy festival), I had a further long session in the absolutely perfect and peaceful Neutral Bay rooms. In both settings, he was able to open my eyes to experiences in past lives which had relevance to my current one. There is no mumbo jumbo involved. He simply softly directs your explorations into past lives and beyond.

After, there is a debriefing. helping you to make sense of what you have just vividly experienced. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey to answer such basic questions as ‘What’s my purpose this time around?’

C.M.Byron Bay

I have had a couple of experiences with past life regression sessions
with Paul, and most recently an experience of a life between lives
session which lasted about four hours.
I was surprised each time how easy and comfortable and natural these
sessions felt, and how informative they were for me.
The answers were really just within me, just waiting to be talked
about and the kind and experienced manner in which Paul conducted
these sessions was nothing short of terrific.
I felt completely comfortable before, during and after each session,
and I felt completely safe and nurtured whilst I was recalling and
revisiting past lives and experiences.
The life between lives session was a surprising extension of the
experience. The joy and ecstatic sense of peace and radiating pure
energy that was shown to me during this session is still with me
today and brings me great peace as I can still connect with it . I
understand that we would all have our own experiences within the
framework of our own journey, and that each persons experience may be
different, but having a great guide is always the key to finding your
own truth. Thank you Paul.


I met Paul at the mind body spirit festival in Melbourne earlier this year. Having been so impressed by his accomplishments in just a 20 minute introductory regression I decided that he was worth the space clogging up my email inbox and signed up to his mailing list. I even went and bought a book on past life regression – having been so fascinated by what I had just experienced that I wanted to learn more about it.

I had been experiencing some disturbing dreams over the last few months that hadn’t really made much sense to me. I had strong inclinations that something had happened to me when I was younger and had been mustering up possible explanations to these recurring dreams that didn’t quite seem to fit, and with the help of numerous professionals I wasn’t experiencing much luck. Meeting Paul enabled me to look at things differently, and in doing that I was able to piece together where things went wrong through inner child therapy; in ways that previously weren’t fully aligning for me. While this was a particularly confronting experience for me, it also served to be both validating and enlightening and an essential stepping stone into my own discovery of who I am, and where I’ve been that has shaped that.

For anyone who believes that the soul is a continued entity that exists to evolve, then I strongly encourage you to partake in these sessions. This experience helped me understand a crucial part of my childhood that just so happened to be linked to someone who I had known in another lifetime and in doing so has brought me to a greater sense of understanding and tolerance as to why things are the way they are for me. I felt fully comfortable working with Paul and he really been able to help me in the ways that so many others couldn’t.


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