Past lives and the evolution of the soul with Paul Williamson

Posted by Mind Body Spirit Festival Australia on Friday, 8 June 2018

Have you ever wanted to know who you were in your past lives, or learn about your soul purpose and who you are as a soul? Have you wondered about problems or difficulties you have had in your life and wished for understanding about these, and the ability to sort them out within yourself? Paul Williamson may be able to help you.

Paul is an experienced international therapist specializing in Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives Therapy and Inner Child Healing. Basically, Paul’s work is to help and enable you to connect more directly with your soul and your soul consciousness, so you can be in harmony with who you truly are and have direct understanding of that. Paul is a facilitator so that you can learn through your own inner experience.

Paul works in the UK (Glasgow, London, and Lancaster) and Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and the Sunshine Coast) and offers a range of therapeutic opportunities to meet your needs. He is happy for you to contact him. He is passionate about the work he does, and will happily help you in the best way he can.

Interview on ABC Radio Melbourne. In this interview with Libbi Gorr on March 26, 2017, Paul answers questions about Past Life Therapy. Here is the link:

Talk on Past Life Regression: Click on the following link to watch Paul giving an introductory talk about his work with past life regression. This talk was given to a group at London University in May, 2012.

Here is a Facebook link for a talk Paul gave at the Melbourne MBS festival on November 24, 2019.

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